Client testimonial

Wayne Dunstan

Senior Director, EUV Controls at Cymer

Faith is a remarkable real estate expert. Not only did Faith show us a huge number of listings that we wanted to see, she did it with knowledge and expertise every single time. To say we were picky was an understatement. Yet Faith went above and beyond to find us exactly what we were looking for. I expect a tremendous amount from people who I work with, and Faith was no exception. We expected greatness and she exceeded our expectations every time. I would thoroughly recommend Faith to anyone looking for an expert in real estate transactions.
October 24, 2010, Wayne was Faith's client

Client testimonial

Kate Pyle

Talent Acquisition Consultant at Applied Minds

I've hired Faith on more than one occasion. And, I'll continue to use her services because she's top shelf quality! She's results driven but with a human touch that's unparalleled. Faith hears my needs and meets them with certainty and integrity. Her ability to understand key points and make useful suggestions, separates her from the general real estate population. Without a shadow of doubt, I highly recommend Faith Wise.
June 10, 2010, Kate was Faith's client

Colleague testimonial

Tasha Manzano

Director of Agent Development

Faith shows a very high level of commitment and passion to her clients. She is very professional and shows a hish level of integrity. Her years of experience in the business will be an asset for any client who has the pleasure of working with her. Because of Faiths success and dedication I chose her to be a mentor in my office. I want our new agents learning from the best. One of my favorite things about Faith is her enthusiasm and wonderful laugh. So when you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, know you will be cared for at the highest level and you'll have fun in the process. That's a great combination!
March 12, 2010, Tasha managed Faith

Client testimonial

Vicki Capozza

Vicki Capozza

Buyer Stores/Supervisor at City of Escondido

When I decided to begin the search for my home I thought that it would be fun and it was but it was also very stressful. Faith kept me grounded and on track, she answered my questions and explained everything to me in detail. In the end we found my home and now I am living there and very happy with it. I would recommend Faith to everyone, she is the best in her field. Thank you Faith for everything you did and will do in the future.
July 10, 2010, Vicki was Faith's client

Colleague testimonial

Debbra Sweet

Entrepreneurial Leadership Results Expert in: Body, Mind & Business. Best Selling Author. Speaker. Trainer.

I have known Faith for just about two years. I came to know her in my role as a director of the networking organization BNI.

Initially, Faith and I met during the process of bringing together high quality professionals for the sake of building a professional networking chapter of local San Diego businesses. These professionals would make the weekly commitment to meet with one another and genuinely get to know the ins and outs of each other's business for the sole purpose of finding quality referrals for each other that would lead to close business.

The process of starting up a new chapter of professionals who will make this type of commitment to one another, is not an easy process as there is a lot of work to be done. Part of the system to effectively launch the chapter includes a high level of accountability. It is in this capacity, that I was able to see Faith work on a weekly basis for almost 8 months.

A few of the attributes I noticed consistently with Faith was her great attitude, her willingness to genuinely serve and support others, and her openness to quickly be part of a team that will do whatever it takes with integrity to get a job done for the benefit of all.

Faith was in fact, one of the founding members who had the desire, motivation and vision to bring key professionals together to make this happen.

I spent much time with Faith during this process of starting up a chapter. Her passion for excellence, her commitment to others is exceptional. When I worked with professionals in this networking organization, their attitude, management attributes, skill sets, communication, and leadership abilities are always a direct reflection of how they do their day-to-day business as well as live in their personal lives.

Faith showed consistency week to week not only in her role as one of the founding members but also in her business. As a real estate professional, she is a perfect fit for busy professionals and executives who are looking to do a real estate transaction- and want to work with a realtor who is sensitive to the specifics of the type of real estate they are looking for, yet who is also highly detailed, professional and can get to the bottom line very quickly.

Faith has a great sense of loyalty and has a very positive attitude towards the work she does and the people she works with. I can easily recommend her as a professional based upon our time working together.

Debbra Sweet
Sweet Marketing Solutions
February 24, 2011, Debbra was with another company when working with Faith at BNI